University of North Texas

The University of North Texas is  a great Texas college, located in Denton, Texas.  Denton, Texas is a centrally located suburb situated just North of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  The University of North Texas has just over 36,000 students currently attending.  The University of North Texas accepts students as Freshman, all the way to graduate level students.  The University also has a wide variety of majors to choose from.  This extremely diverse course curriculum, is enough to prepare anyone for a successful career, in a variety of different fields.

There is also not a shortage of activities and things to do on the University of North Texas campus.  Of course, there are the athletic events and major sports venues to keep you busy.  However, the University of North Texas also has a lively arts and musical scene, that attracts thousands of students a year to it’s venues.  There are three art galleries alone on the UNT campus.  If you are into art, you can go to the UNT Art Gallery, the Cora Stafford Art Gallery, the University Union Gallery as well as “Fashion on Main”.  The University of North Texas even contains a world class planetarium called the Rafes Urban Astronomy Center.

The University of North Texas is located in Denton, Texas, just off of I35.  In a short 30 minutes, you can be in the heart of downtown Dallas, experiencing all that Dallas has to offer.

Another good reason to attend The University of North Texas, is there are plenty of Rental Homes and Rent Houses that are centrally located around UNT.  A student can get the privacy and amenities of living in a rent house without all of the responsibility of actually owning a home.  Rent Houses in Denton, Texas offer a few advantages to other living options.

  1. You typically get more square feet for your dollar in a house
  2. Most houses have backyards which makes owning pets and entertaining a breeze
  3. The landlord is still responsible for maintaining the property and fixing anything that breaks
  4. Rental homes afford you MUCH more privacy and QUIET than an apartment
  5. Location, location, location.  There are so many rental homes out there, you can live anywhere

In short, a new student attending UNT is almost assured to have a great living experience, on top of a great education.