University of North Texas (UNT) And Texas Women’s University (TWU) Denton, Tx Dorm Living

When most students start their freshmen year at the University of North Texas or Texas Women’s University in Denton, Texas, their first living experience is in one of the many dorms on campus.  Dorms can be a lot of fun.  They are a great way for you to meet a ton of people, make new friends and are typically very convenient to the campus.  They can also be VERY cramped, loud and in many cases; unsanitary.

When we are younger, these types of conditions might be OK or adventurous to us.  However, as we get a little older in college, classes get harder and students begin to work more, most people want to get out of the dorms.  For most college students at the University of North Texas or Texas Women’s University, buying a home is not an option.  However, renting is the best option.  Most students find that renting is much cheaper than living in the dorms and it gives them much more flexibility, privacy and comfort.

Most students at the University of North Texas or Texas Women’s University will rent apartments because “all of my friends rent apartments”.  However, if they only knew that there were many, many GREAT rental homes to choose from.  Living in a rent house gives students the life of a home owner but the convenience of renting.  Renting a house can save you a ton of money can give you amenities you just cannot get anywhere else.  Some of these are listed below.

1) You typically get more square feet for your dollar in a house

2) Most houses have backyards which makes owning pets and entertaining a breeze

3) The landlord is still responsible for maintaining the property and fixing anything that breaks

4) Rental homes afford you MUCH more privacy and QUIET than an apartment

5) Location, location, location.  There are so many rental homes out there, you can live anywhere

So, the next time you decide to rent, make sure you give rental homes a try.  They give you the best of both worlds.  Just because you rent, does not mean you do not deserve a HOME!!!!