Making Moving To Denton, TX Easier…..

Moving can be stressful and cumbersome. Staying organized during your move can help you retain your sanity and avoid loss or damage of your personal items and furniture.  At Redden Properties, we are all too familiar with this. We have seen many people move to the Denton, Texas area for a variety of reasons.  They come to Denton, Texas to attend The University of North Texas or Texas Woman’s University.  They also come to Denton, Texas to take advantage of the job market in Denton, as well as in Dallas.  In addition, rent houses and rental homes in Denton, Texas offer some of the best value around.  Renting houses in Denton, Texas are a great option.  In order to help make your move to Denton, Texas smoother we have provided a list below, covering some of the most important components of your move, including packing, transportation, moving companies and a few sources on where to get your supplies.

We also love hearing your suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment and let us know your suggestions. As time progresses, we’ll update this article with more tips and resources to make moving to your new home easier than before.


  • Label boxes indicating what they contain and in which room they should be placed.
  • Pack important records in an easily accessible place. Include medical, dental, school, insurance, credit card and tax records. Remember that in Texas, automobile insurance must be carried in the vehicle at all times.
  • Use plenty of cushioning such as shredded or crumpled paper to protect belongings in boxes.
  • Pack tightly to avoid shuffling.
  • Fragile items, like china, should be packed in reinforced boxes or special boxes with compartments.
  • Individually wrap and cushion electrical appliances.
  • Make sure liquids and food are placed carefully in sealed containers.
  • Wrap and pack kitchenware tightly to prevent damage.
  • Protect all finished surfaces from scratching by wrapping them with paper.
  • Unusually shaped or valuable items should be crated.
  • Do not pack lamp shades in newspaper as the ink will rub off and stain them.
  • Easily crushed items should be individually boxed and cushioned.
  • Let the moving company pack furniture, mirrors and artwork to prevent damage.


  • Drain gas and oil from power tools so they will not leak; dispose of all volatile or corrosive chemicals.
  • After cleaning out the refrigerator or freezer, place pieces of charcoal in them to prevent mildew.
  • Use strong, clear containers with lids secured with twine or tape.
  • Put no more than 50 pounds in each container.
  • Place heavy items toward the bottom of containers; lighter items on top.
  • Chests and dressers should not be overloaded since glued furniture joints could collapse.

Moving Companies

Always have the company’s contact information and invoice handy.  Some moving companies have started up-charging after they’ve packed your stuff.  With invoice and contract in hand, you’ll be able to prevent these kinds of situations from getting out of hand.  Remember: The company is moving your personal property, so in case they threaten to hold your items until you pay up, you have the right to call the police to get your property back.

Attend, but don’t supervise. Moving company employees spend all week moving heavy items and all too often an impatient tenant will barrage them with commands and wishes. Let them do their job, but also be observant of their work to ensure that your stuff doesn’t get dropped on the floor or mishandled on purpose. When you see them mishandling your property, ask them to stop and get on the phone with the moving company immediately to either request a different crew or for a manager to come out and supervise the move. Trying to supervise the situation yourself can only cause unnecessary tension.

Follow behind the truck, if possible, to your new home. You’ve ensured that your stuff was packed well and moved professionally, but you also want to make sure that the driver of the truck doesn’t play chicken with pot holes or drives erratically or too fast.

Moving Supplies

As you get ready for your next move, having the right moving supplies like boxes, tape, paper and bubble wrap is crucial, but can also be expensive if you don’t have a lot of left overs from your last move. One of the best places to get great moving supplies at a great price is U-Line. They’re an industrial supply company, but they also sell to the public. Service is fast and friendly and you can order over the phone, give them your payment information and pick up will be a snap. They also carry a great deal of storage options, so if cardboard boxes aren’t your preference, they have a large variety of tough plastic containers. Visit them at

Another great source for supplies can be the shipping department of your work, grocery stores, or even Sam’s Club (they offer empty boxes to their customers for free since they don’t have grocery bags)

So, good luck on your move to Denton, Texas.  We hope to be able to provide you the best rent houses and rental homes in the city.