Confessions Of A University of North Texas Dorm Resident

I admit it.  When I found out I would be attending the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, I was very excited.  My first thought was “where would I live?”.   I was not sure if it would be better to live in the dorms at the University of North Texas or should I live in a rental home in Denton.  A friend of mine was also attending the University of North Texas and decided to live in the dorm.  SO, I figured he and I could room at the dorms.  What a mistake that was.

Staying in the dorms at the University of North Texas may be for some people but not me.  I like my privacy, quiet and plenty of space.  I also have a dog so I always wanted a yard.  When I stayed in a dorm at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, I did not get any of the things I wanted.  Also, the dorm was loud and going to the community bathroom was awful.

So, the first thing I did when I could, was go look for a rent house (rental home) in Denton, Texas.  I figured if I could get a rental home in Denton, Texas, I could get all of the amenities I wanted.  I would also be able to bring my dog to Denton, Texas as well.  Renting a house in Denton, Texas, proved to be the right thing to do.  I ended up renting a house from Redden properties and loved it.  They had a great rent house in Denton, Texas that was big, had a great yard, was clean and well taken care of.   Also, if I ever needed anything fixed or addressed, my landlord came right over to take care of it.

For all students planning on attending the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas; I would highly recommend you rent a rental home from Redden Properties in Denton, Texas.  They will take care of you.

Oak Tree Home For Rent

Oak Tree Backyard to House Pic
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This is your new home!!!  This beautiful 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house is located in a quiet neighborhood, just minutes from Texas Woman’s University and the University of North Texas.  This fine house features brand new carpet, stainless steel appliances, updated light fixtures and ceiling fans, a huge master bedroom and master bathroom and a great backyard; with a huge deck.  If you are looking for your new rental home, see this one today!!!