Rent Houses are Popular with Retirees in Denton, Texas

It’s no secret that more Americans are retiring than ever.  It is estimated that 24% of the US population will be over 62 years of age by 2030.  At 62, more and more people are looking at retirement.  Some of those retirees will do so in Denton, Texas.  Denton, Texas is a medium size suburb just north of Dallas/Fort Worth.  Being in Denton, Texas for many years, we have really started to see a lot of retirees that are moving to Denton, Texas, choosing to rent houses versus owning a home or renting a smaller apartment.

The reality is these older folks want to keep the comfort and privacy they get with living in a house without the burden of having to take care of a home.  When people retire in Denton, they do not want the hassle of having to mow lawns, dealing with expensive repairs or worrying about the security of their home.

When a retiree rents one of our great houses, they get all of the amenities they are used to with living in a house without any of the hassle.  At Redden properties, we literally take care of everything for our renters.  We mow the lawns at our resident’s houses, we make any necessary repairs to the home and we have made a name for ourselves in Denton, Texas by being exceptionally responsive to our resident’s requests.  Another great aspect of living in a Redden Properties rental home in Denton, Texas is the price.  The fact is our resident’s get a lot of home for the price of a small 2 bedroom apartment in Denton, Texas.  So to say that our rental homes in Denton, Texas are a great value, is a huge understatement.

So, if you are retiring in Denton, Texas, don’t rent an apartment or go into a small, expensive condo.  Come take a look at a Redden Properties rental house.  They are beautiful homes at an incredibly affordable price.  At Redden Properties, we make living in a house in Denton, Texas, a superior experience.