Advice from a Texas Woman’s University graduate – Rent a House!!!!!

My name is Ashely.  I recently graduated from Texas Woman’s University.  For the first couple of years of my time in Denton, Texas, I had to live in the dorms on campus.  The University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas make you live in the dorms as freshman.  I can honestly say, it was awful.  The dorms were loud, they smelled bad, were old, outdated, small and ridiculously expensive.  Living in a dorm at TWU in Denton, Texas made it almost impossible to get homework done to say nothing of just trying to sleep.  So, when I became a junior and was able to live off campus, I bolted.

I did not want to live in apartments in Denton, Texas because that would be almost like living in a dorm.  I remembered what it was like living in my parent’s house growing up.  SO, I decided that that is what I wanted to do.  I wanted to live in a house in Denton, Texas.  I went online and researched a lot of rental homes in Denton, Texas.  There was quite a selection.  I did find some good options but I happened to stumble on a home rented by Redden Properties.  They had a GREAT rental house in a quiet neighborhood, east Denton.  The great thing was it was so close to Texas Woman’s University, I could have ridden my bike to class if I wanted to.  The house was located in a quiet neighborhood and gave me all of the space and privacy I could have asked for in a rental home in Denton, Texas.

The amazing thing was, my rent was so low, I could have afforded the rental home all by myself if I wanted to, but I figured it was such a big house, I could bring in a roommate and still would have all of the privacy and room that I wanted; while saving money on rent.

To all of those Texas Woman’s University and University of North Texas student, LISTEN TO ME!!!!!  When you can get out of the dorms, DO NOT rent an apartment.  Rent a beautiful and very affordable rental home from Redden Properties.  It’s the way to go in Denton, Texas.