About Us

At Redden Properties, we have been offering first class rental homes to the public, since 1984.  Our houses in Denton and Frisco, Texas are well taken care of and offer a great value for the price.  At Redden Properties, we are not out to over charge our residents.  We value long term resident relationships.  It is always our goal to provide a quality living experience for all of our residents.

Our rental homes are well taken care of.  However, if a problem does arise, we live close by and can address issues very quickly.  If can simply call us at 972-989-7520 or email us at bredden1102@gmail.com.

So, if you want to live in a great rent house in Denton, Texas, you can officially stop looking.  At Redden Properties, we have what you are looking for in Denton, Texas.

We look forward to serving you!!!!


Thank you,

Brian Redden